Explore the various collaboration opportunities that MEDCITY offers & choose the best that suits your needs.

Medical Mall

Greenfield/Brownfield project based on MEDCITY’s proper plan in terms of location. 

Medical Malls are a healthcare concept that incorporate a vast variety of medical services in just one place. 

As in conventional malls, we develop medical malls around anchor tenants. We then find and place other medical service providers in order to create an entire healthcare ecosystem, thus creating added value for both our tenants and patients.

Custom Development

Greenfield/Brownfield project based on customer’s plan in terms of location, needs and specs.

We assist healthcare providers develop their future medical facilities, creating concepts that facilitate synergies between medical –or health related professionals.

Buy & Lease Back

Acquisition & lease back option of existing healthcare assets. 

We lift all operational burdens off medical real estate owners, by buying their assets and then leasing them back to them. 

In doing so, we cover all maintenance and taxation costs, allowing the former owners to focus solely on their medical practice.

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